Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hi friends,

wow.. Its been a long while since I last updated my blog.. have been bz studying etc.. I am glad to have finally completed the 3mths school of Ministry in Tung Ling Bible school in Singapore. It was one great experience and I have learnt so much from the school and made many new and wonderful friends.

The most impactful experience I had was when God spoke to me and told me to do a 40day fast without food and only on water. I was initially reluctant as I really loved food and even when I did a 3 day fast it was really tough.. 3 days was the longest I did and suddenly 40 days?

I know that its no use to argue with God and He definately has His reasons when He ask you to do something. So I told the Lord ok.. When would He want me to start the fast? He replied 1st day of chinese new year.. I struggled with the answer for awhile and asked God for a compromise as in can do after CNY? No! was the answer.. Obedience is better than sacrifice.. I will always remember that..

I proceeded as what God has instructed still not knowing the reason etc, but going and trusting Him in faith. He told me to focus and to pray for 3 things. (My family, My Relatives & Church as a Family) It was an amazing experience, slowly my classmates came to know about me fasting and many were encouraged by it. Some prayed and fasted as well and those who did was so blessed by it and encountered God in a beautiful way.

During fasting when the flesh becomes weak and you become dependant on God for strength. Where everything you do, you would wanna seek Him 1st. It was truly an experience I will never forget and would advise anyone who seeks to do this will have to be led by God and really depend and trust in him. I have a case of gastric problems when I do not eat, and was concern about it. But I put my trust in the Lord and told Him ' Lord if its what you want me to do a 40 day fast, You will have to protect my stomach from any of these pain.' He knows exactly what to do to aid us, I never felt so clean and good in my entire life, it was like a complete overhaul of my body and given a new lease of life. I lost 15kg in the process, but gained most of it back by now.. hehe..

Fast and Pray is one very powerful weapon against the forces of darkness..

Jesus loves you..

Lots of Love,
Samuel Kwok