Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Submission.. God and Men

I have been wondering a long time about this issue, What is submission? How do we define submission to leaders? Is submission based on everything we do we have to ask for permission before doing? Does it mean sacrificing of owns freewill? Is that Submission?

If in a situation when God tells you to do something and you know that it has to be done. You inform your leaders about it. Is that submission? Or If God tells you to do something and you ask your leaders. Is that submission? Who will you listen to if you hear from God and if leaders say no. I am sorry no answers to these questions, still grappling with doing whats right both ways. It seems like the chicken and egg thing, there is no sure way of having it sorted out.

The Best way as it seems is to be still and know that He is God.. Still praying, Seeking, maybe I still need to weed out that rebel in me.

Jesus loves you..

Lots of Love,
Samuel Kwok